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Jammin’ Out with Dallin and the Andersons


With music in his soul since birth, Marching, Concert and Jazz Band student, Dallin Anderson expresses his passion for playing music.

[dropcap size=small]J[/dropcap]unior, Dallin Anderson has been playing instruments since he could remember. Starting in kindergarten, his mother, Hilary Anderson, taught each of his siblings (5 boys, and 1 girl) how to play the piano. The rule in the family was, if the children wanted to play video games, they would have to play the piano for 30 minutes. This was no problem for Dallin, as he was extremely motivated to play piano dutifully for 30 minutes if it meant that he could get right to playing video games. Eventually, Dallin began to realize a large appreciation for playing the piano and it soon turned into a great love and passion for playing a few other instruments: the trumpet, drums, and djembe. 

Dallin first discovered the trumpet during a petting zoo field trip in 4th grade at his elementary school, Virginia Peterson. The young musician “fell in love,” (Dallin) and the following Christmas he received his very own trumpet. 

Immediately Dallin began to teach himself how to play by watching YouTube videos and also by reading a book on music that his parents gave to him. By chance, the book was the same as the ones used in his  middle school to teach students the basics of playing an instrument.  So by the time Dallin entered junior high at Lewis Middle School and joined the Marching Band, he “felt like a pro,” (Dallin). 

“My favorite instrument to play would probably be trumpet. In order to even get a good sound out of a trumpet, you need substantial air support and lots of confidence. When I’m doing everything right, I feel powerful playing the trumpet. Like I can conquer my fears,” Dallin said.

One of Dallin’s older brothers, Tyler Anderson said, “I’m very proud of Dallin. He has put so much time and effort into music, and plays with an incredible level of passion. I look up to him as a songwriter, and improviser.” 

Dallin has been in the Marching Band, Concert Band and Jazz Band at the High School for his entire highschool career.

“By far, my favorite band class is Jazz Band. I love jazz and everything about it. Hearing it, playing it, learning about it, everything,” Dallin explained.

“What I enjoy most about playing jazz is my ability to express myself. The most fundamental piece of jazz music is improvisation, which is when you play without rules or restrictions, you just play. You’re not looking at notes on a page, you’re creating music based on your feelings and experiences. You’re telling a story about yourself: all of your sorrows and triumphs, your passions, fears, everything. The possibilities are endless and that combined with the strength and power I feel when playing trumpet makes music one of the most valuable aspects of my life,” Dallin said.

I love to hear him play his trumpet in Jazz Band and hear him express himself through improv,” Hilary said.

Additionally, in the beginning of the second semester of his sophomore year, he has been participating in the Cuesta Jazz Band at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo every Tuesday and occasionally Thursdays. However, due to restrictions surrounding Covid-19 precautions, some practices at Cuesta have been postponed.

“When it comes to how COVID regulations have affected my musicianship, they’ve only affected my abilities to perform live. I can still practice and I still love music. Plus, we’re able to meet in person at Cuesta Jazz, so that’s cool. I’ve actually greatly improved my piano abilities and have made a couple music videos of me playing with my brother Tyler on the violin that I post on social media,” Dallin said.

Along with playing on the football field, or on stage in the PAC at the highschool, Dallin and his older brother, Tyler play at Farmers Markets around the county and make money off of tips, averaging $30-$80 an hour. 

 “Ever since I have tasted the abounding joy that can come from playing music, I have wanted it for my younger siblings. I’ve tried my hardest  these past few years to be an example for them and hopefully inspire them to continue on their musical journeys,” Tyler (left, above) said.

“I love to see my kids play music together, just for the fun of it. It’s been a great way for them to bond. It was definitely worth all those years of making them practice,” Hillary said. 

Tyler, a PRHS 2020 graduate, has been playing instruments for 12 years. Just like Dallin, his mother taught him how to play the piano when he was in 1st grade. He plays violin, baritone saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, piano, jaw harp, and djembe. He enjoys playing violin the most. “[Tyler] is one of my greatest inspirations in music,” Dallin said.

Dallin is unsure if he will pursue a career in music, but right now he enjoys every second he has while playing, and has found a deep appreciation for music.

“Being a musician has very much shaped who I am today. This is probably mostly because of the amazing people being a musician allows you to meet and collaborate with. My greatest mentors in music have also been my greatest mentors in life. Not only have they taught me excellent skills that apply to both music and life, they have taught me how I can use music to improve my lifestyle. When I play I can express myself and think about my life clearly and without interruption,” Dallin said. 

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