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Charismatic kindness or a fight against feminism

Chivalry’s good reputation is dying as is chivalry itself

The door swings and the boy holding it open glances at the girl beside him. She glares back, refusing to move through the doorway, on principle, because she could have opened the door herself. Finally the boy walks through himself, fed up with this new wave of feminism.

Although prejudices like this type of feminism may never be truly eradicated from our world, we can hope for a time when we won’t mistake the kindness that we wish for with the prejudices that we fight.

After centuries of working its way into every culture and time period, chivalry is waging a war against its biggest enemies: feminism and ignorance. This new culture of consists of some women who stand opposed to open doors and sitting down in the place of men. They would prefer to carry heavy objects that they could use help with, and struggle on in their own independence than ask for help.The truth is that chivalry doesn’t only exist to serve women though.

From the courts of King Arthur to fighter pilots in World War II, chivalry has strung itself through the centuries.

Chivalry may not be a new concept, but the objection to it is, and maybe that’s why after surviving for centuries, chivalry is dying. However, chivalry cannot be allowed to die, unless we wish to live in a world where people don’t serve others.

“I believe [chivalry] has died,” junior Josh Plale said. And Plale is mostly right. Chivalry has died, because the appreciation for it has dried up and left a sarcastic, stubborn group of women in its midst.

These women trample tradition to get their voices heard, screaming that chivalry is sexist, and that it treats women as if they are inferior to men.The problem with this thinking is that chivalry is not just for men. Chivalry is putting yourself second. It is serving or protecting others that need you.

“Girls are just as capable to hold a door open. I mean I hold the door open all the time for people. I think it’s just a form of kindness if you do it,” senior Alexis Jimeson said.

When men are chivalrous towards women, it is the opposite of sexism, it is putting women above themselves. And men shouldn’t be the only ones to be conditioned to think and act chivalrously. Chivalry goes hand in hand with selflessness, and were it not for its negative connotation it would be seen for what it truly is.

Feminism, though it has many good sides, has the fallacy of portraying women as invincible. They stand alone because they need no one. But everyone needs someone. No one is invincible. That’s why chivalry is indispensable. Because chivalry isn’t just spectacular acts of heroism. Its the shoulder to cry on, the hug, the comforting words. Chivalry is comforting someone. Protecting someone. Loving someone.

If chivalry is dying, it is because brotherly love and human kindness are dying, because the human race doesn’t care about each other like we used to. Because the individual has slaughtered the idea of teamwork. But Chivalry is vital to society, we couldn’t survive without each other. What would the pilgrims have been without the Native Americans taking care of them? What would the world be without caring people?  Chivalry can’t die, not now, not ever.

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