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Students share if they believe Valentine’s Day is a holiday or if it is just another way to earn profit

For over 700 years, Valentine’s day has been celebrated by over 50% of the world. The main story of Valentine’s day originated from the years 268-270 when Emperor Claudius II ruled over the Roman Empire, (History Channel). Claudius strived to gain a large number of men that would be able to work and be soldiers in his army, rather than marrying young and starting families. Young bishop, St. Valentine of Terni, did not agree with this and rebelled by spreading love letters. Because of this, he was sentenced to death on February 14.

The next millennium then continued what he started by celebrating love on that day every year.

Today, students are debating whether the day of February 14 should be determined as a holiday worldwide or if it is just another way for companies to make money on love-themed consumer products.

Senior Keegan Railsback believes that Valentine’s Day should not be considered a holiday.

“Why should we dedicate an entire day to loving someone else when we should be doing that the entire year?” Railsback said. Although Railsback is a firm believer of this day not being an official holiday, he feels that there are some positives to having a designated date. He believes that February 14 provides a sense of reinforcement or reminder to appreciate and love the ones we care about.

On the other hand, senior Abigail Williams believes that Valentine’s Day should be considered a holiday.

“It provides everyone with the opportunity to closely cherish those around them. In more than just a relationship way like with friends, family, and then of course relationships,” Williams said.

She believes that there are multiple positives to this day including chocolate and being recognized by your friends to show that they appreciate you.

Sophomore Emily Butler also believes that Valentine’s Day is considered a holiday because it does not always have to be centered around relationships and couples. For the last 10 years, Butler has celebrated Valentine’s Day with her family by gifting presents to each other and eating lasagna for dinner.

“It has always been a positive day for me,” Butler said. “I would get dressed up in my pretty red dress and my mom would do my hair and everything for school.”

Over 50% ( of the world views Valentine’s Day as “The Day of Love’’ in a romantic way.

While over 50% ( of the world views Valentine’s Day as “The Day of Love’’ in a romantic way, Butler sees this day as another opportunity to appreciate and celebrate with her family.

Personally, I don’t believe Valentine’s day should be a holiday because of the way it is celebrated. I think people rarely know why Valentine’s day has a name because of its history. It is normally promoted as a day only for couples which I think can make the other people of the world who are single, upset.

Although, there are alternatives to this day which I think are beneficial for those who do tend to feel upset of the constant “lovey dovey” theme with couples around this time. Many female friend groups celebrate Valentine’s day by changing the name to “Galentine’s Day” which I think eases the societal pressure of being in a relationship by celebrating friendships.

Valentine’s day has always been a controversial topic regarding whether it really should be considered a holiday or not. While I might think that Valentine’s day is a bit overrated, others believe it is a day that should be celebrated not just for the couples, but for the gals, and families too.

While I understand couples, girl groups, and families can use the date as an excuse to share their love for each other, the national status of Valentine’s Day doesn’t change whether they celebrate it or not. Therefore, I ultimately don’t feel it should be recognized legally as a holiday.





A minority of students feel that V-DAY deserves to be a formal day

53 students surveyed during February 2024

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