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May 8, 2024
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Honesty is the best policy

Why telling the truth is the best option

We all have different opinions of what defines the truth and what defines a lie. To some a white lie is an everyday occurrence, not considered dishonesty, and truth is more of a guideline than an obligation. These people would prefer the short term relief that is supplied by a little untruth.  Others may think differently, not even condoning the smallest of fibbs.   Lies haunt their consciences until they confess or someone does it for them.

It’s inevitable to tell lies, because it is human nature and may give us time by deceiving and misleading others, keeping up with the act so they don’t find out. In the end telling the truth saves you from a guilty conscience and makes the teller a more credible source.

Lying just makes the consequence come at a later date; why not deal with it now rather than later? Because the sliver of hope that you won’t get caught pulls you through. Working on an english assignment or science notebook at ungodly hours because procrastination got the best of you. What seems like the only and easiest choice to do is copy and paste from the article you found online or getting ahold of someone elses notebook to copy. Not only are you deceiving the teacher but yourself.

To tell the truth is the right thing to do because that’s what we have always been told growing up. And that with each lie there is a potential consequence, like losing the trust of another.

“It’s not okay to lie to someone because it could cause a dent or even end your relationship with them,” junior Noelani Luia said, “You become more respected and trusted more when you don’t lie and is honest and upfront.”

There is a difference between saying everything that is on your mind and telling the truth. To keep your own personal information to yourself isn’t lying it’s just being conservative. But when you know something about someone, and it is something they should know, tell them.

Just because you are honest doesn’t mean you are a completely open book that would reveal any secret.

Lying is the easy way out of things; it can give us short term relief, but in the end the truth will be revealed. To some they would prefer having their friend giving them an honest opinion rather than a sugar-coated lie.

“I would personally want to know… And be told straight up,” freshman Gloria Gonzales said, who wants her friends to be upfront with her rather than lie to her.

Cheating, falsifying information, plagiarism, deception and carelessness are all forms of dishonesty, according to DePauw University. There’s different types of dishonesty that take part in this broad subject. Lying to yourself, lying to others because they have lied to you, lying to loved ones – it’s all different yet the same.

Lying may seem like an easy way out of things, but isn’t it bothersome to keep up with the lie, and be okay with it? Because then you start living the lie, and when you think back about it, you would think it was the truth all along. We sometime fool ourselves that our actions here at PRHS won’t matter in the future. Cheating on that test you took in third period because, fake it till you make it works, but in the long run faking it won’t make it, and this isn’t just true in a school setting but in real life.

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