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May 8, 2024
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Is astrology worth buying into?


Horoscopes are home to many benefits

Now commonly found on essentially every social media platform and news outlets focused more heavily on arts and entertainment, horoscopes seem to be ever-present, and although they tend to be widely enjoyed, they are not necessarily widely believed. Whether one follows a religion, scientific beliefs, or nothing at all, accepting that some alignment of the stars will determine the course of one’s week or even life can be a bit difficult to buy into. Despite this, there is no harm in believing a bit of what is “predetermined”, and in fact, buying into astrology may even be beneficial to one’s self actualization.

“The true value of astrology is its ability to tap into the part of our minds that naturally gravitates towards things like divination and the occult. By tapping into this inner meaning, it forces the mind to think in a different way. And this alone can generate some meaningful insights,” an article by Huffington Post explained.

If I read my horoscope, I will automatically spot what is true, based on what my subconscious knows, and ignore what is wrong . This is the power of astrology. It provides means for us to reveal what we know already, subconsciously,” Rita Chase, a senior and user of tarot cards, corroborated.

Historically, the concept of astrology has always faced struggle in finding acceptance by the public eye. Though there is a science behind it, modern takes on it often invoke a great deal of artistic liberty, which sometimes translates into flat out guesses and lies. More recently seen on Twitter, user accounts are beginning to churn out a collection of horoscopes by the minute, most of which are created off of personal bias rather than actual astrology.

Benado believes astrology is up to personal interpretation. He does not live his life by what’s predicted of him, but does find value in what astrology has to offer.

Even before this cloudiness over where information is being sourced from, astrology found many disbelievers. Free will being manipulated by certain alignments of the stars is not necessarily a scientific process, however, there is a bit of science behind it.

“Science is too blunt a tool to definitively rule out that astrology is bunkum. Some scientists certainly believe there are valid questions to be asked,” an article by The Guardian claimed.

Furthermore, astrology is not so much a determination of what will happen but rather why it does: “[it gives] us an explanation for why we act the way we do or why our natural instincts and tendencies lead us to follow particular paths,” Griffin Benado, a senior and scorpio, explained.

Going on to say: “For me, I think it’s interesting to compare how I’m feeling and what my personal tendencies are compared to what they’re projected to be through astrology. Of course it may be coincidental, however, it is nonetheless interesting to me and I feel that it’s worth my time,” Benado provided evidence of the worthwhile practice and enjoyment of astrology.

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