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Rosa the Dancer
Rosa the Dancer
May 25, 2024

Coming together: it’s time to unify PRHS


 A call for students to unite in light of recent events

     The world isn’t simply black and white. It’s not exclusively red and blue, either. Both left and right wing opinions occupy our politics; America is not moved in the direction of just one school of thought, but pulled back and forth. Since the nation’s establishment, the U.S. has faced a political struggle of what changes, rights, and decisions are to be made. What really makes continuous and lasting progress in government is compromise and understanding between ideologies.

     In a world constantly divided by politics, we need to be mindful that everyone has different opinions and values. Specific to Paso Robles High School, rallies, marches, protests, and other movements have been held for gun rights, immigration, abortion and other highly relevant issues in the country. These occasions have exemplified, on a small scale, the very issues dividing America. A game of tug of war is being played, with citizens and political leaders struggling to unite over polarizing matters.

At PRHS, we aren’t required to agree with our peers, but it is our responsibility to keep our campus a safe place to voice our opinions by respecting others and their right to speak their mind freely, without being harmed or bullied by others. Tensions have risen from our division, and only the unity of PRHS students will mend these hostile feelings.

     After a three hour lock down, four expulsion hearings, and ten suspensions, it isn’t easy to feel completely secure at school.

     However, administration, teachers, counseling, and the county police have proven their dedication to students’ comfort and safety. Following cases of discrimination, safety threats, and altercations on campus, action has been quickly taken to rectify the situation.

     A large amount of students have expressed that they are unhappy with the school’s environment lately. Along with schools and communities across the U.S., PRHS students are taking a stand against gun control and the issue of school safety as a result. Due to certain disagreements, the fight for security has been met with feelings of danger for many sides of the argument. To change this atmosphere, all students must work together, regardless of their politics.

     Students have taken to expressing their opinions at school, both at schools such as Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and here at PRHS. MSDHS has captured worldwide attention for the student driven movement for gun control following a devastating school shooting, which resulted in the death of 17 students and nationwide calls for stricter gun control to prevent mass shootings. Discourse has arisen on campus as a result of differences in opinion over such matters, and while it is important to stand up for one’s own opinion, students must respect each others’ rights to express their beliefs. Additionally, issues of bullying and racism have been simmering, creating further conflict.

Expression of opinion is a paramount right, but offensive comments, bullying, racism, and other acts of intolerance are unacceptable.

     Every student has the right to express their positions; however, each student also has the right to be respected and feel safe on campus. No expression of opinion at PRHS should intentionally harm, bully, target, or disrespect another. Students will be held accountable for bigotry. The safety of students is a vital priority. It is necessary in keeping our campus a welcoming and safe place by not intentionally offending or targeting others through expressions of beliefs.

     It isn’t always easy to compromise, but for the sake of the school, students, and community, PRHS must practice understanding. No student deserves to feel exposed or unsafe in their own school. This school is a place where students should feel accepted and happy to be obtaining their education. Being a Bearcat should be something to be proud of.

     It’s up to us to honor the school and ourselves by taking care of each other and the atmosphere of our school. Paso Robles High School is a gold-ribbon school with staff that has proven their dedication to us. Now it is time for the students to give back by maintaining a safe, accepting atmosphere.


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