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Please revise the second amendment


The negative impact of the second amendment is far too grand

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.



The Second Amendment emerged after the United States broke free from Great Britain as a fledgling country that had no standing army and citizens possessing weapons could serve as an expedient solution.

Yet still 2017, hundreds of years later, with one of the most powerful military in the world, numerous citizens still insist that the second amendment is sacred.

Last year alone, more than twice the amount of Americans died by gun violence than in the Revolutionary War that created it. There’s been a mass shooting almost every day for just over a year, the two worst in American history just over 450 days apart from each other. Within the time it’s taken to write this story, there’s been over a dozen mass shootings.
Weaponry continues to become more advanced, mass shootings are becoming more frequent and easy. Yet Americans argue that they have the right to own guns, the deaths of others is the cost of freedom.

Americans pride themselves on gun ownership, and the Second Amendment protects those rights, with nearly 55 million Americans owning guns, according to USA today. Per capita, the United States has more guns than people according to the Washington Post.
The enforcement and reaction to guns in the United states is an anomaly. When the deadliest mass shooting in the world happened in Norway, they placed restrictions on who can buy guns and strengthened their requirements. Australia did the same after a similar event. However the United States has changed little to nothing, even after two of the deadliest mass shootings happening in the countries history. Despite disallowing citizens to bring a container larger than 3.4 fl. Oz. on a plane.

It’s harder to receive a driving license, so why shouldn’t it be harder to buy a gun?  Both are dangerous, require skill, patience, and experience.  The difference is cars and a necessity for billions of people around the world while guns simply aren’t.  However guns are still treated as if they so essential that any sort of time delay is unfathomably unjust.
The commonly held myth is that guns laws have gotten increasingly more strict. After individuals in Chicago were granted the right to personally own guns, Richard Daley, the former mayor of Chicago said “…Why don’t we do away with the court system and go back to the old west…?”
Many frontier towns disallowed guns to be carried around towns; Guns were required to be left at a sheriff’s office according to the Huffington Post.  Ironically people still use this commonly held myth as an excuse to be allowed to carry a weapon.

Since 1998, the National Rifle Association has donated $4.23 million to current members of Congress, according to The Atlantic. This started a widespread lobbyist support of guns. In 2016, The NRA spent $66 million to elect members of Congress according to the Hill. Thus, disallowing gun laws to pass that would stop them from receiving millions in revenue annually.($336 million in 2015 according to the Hill).
Lobbyists being brought into Congress should not be why we are holding back on gun laws. The fact of the matter is that Americans are getting harmed by violent people, and by themselves, with thousands of accidental deaths each year.
Today, 27 people will die from gun violence.  Since the time it’s taken to publish this article online, there’s been the worst shooting in the history of a state. What we’re doing right now is not working.  After Texas experienced the worst mass shooting in its history, no actions were taken towards guns.   After laws were pushed back for people with mental issues, the terrorist who was abusive to his wife and was discharged from the Air force for numerous charges.  These include “assault and battery against his spouse, aggravated assault against his stepson and four charges involving firearms, including two of pointing a loaded firearm at his wife and two of pointing an unloaded firearm” according to CNN and Military records.  And yet he was still able to purchase a gun because the system failed to recognize his charges during a background check.  The Air force even admitted his court martial should have been recognized. It’s not that simple though.  If the neighbor wasn’t able to buy a gun, then everyone in the church could have died.  It’s a paradox not doubt.  One heroic gun owner versus hundreds of criminals.

Congress decided it was justifiable to reinstate laws that would allow the government to in the future infiltrate the privacy of Americans phones.   Instead of taking action on the subject, congress dances around it.  First, they take away the privacy of citizens, but never their right to bear arms.  1984 is justifiable for the safety of the country, but not slightly improving 200 year old laws.  It took 27 words to decide these peoples fate.  There’s more words describing the right of free speech.  Something like guns should not be taken lightly, especially by a country where gun deaths are becoming more and more frequent.

With a powerful military, police, and more government provided forms of protection, gun ownership is no longer a daily necessity to many, especially assault weapons.
Of course, we cannot repeal the second amendment all together. But we can certainly change it to make America safer.

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