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Bringing equality

Bringing equality

She’ll make America great againPro sign

When it comes to leadership, one person has the mindset and compassion to be the next president: Hillary Clinton. Clinton would be a leader dedicated to the people of America, and also to immigrants. With her determination and experience, she would improve our education systems and rebuild infrastructure.

Clinton has plenty of experience to lead our .nation. Clinton was a lawyer, elected Senior Class President of Wellesley College, and served as a First Lady, Secretary of State and as a Senator of New York. When husband Bill Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas, she chaired its Educational Standards Committee. Because she has had so many positions in high power, Clinton is well spoken and skilled with politics and law. Unlike Donald Trump, she doesn’t blurt out irrational and bombastic statements.Student voices- pro

Additionally, Clinton has been advocating for better education for students in every community.

“We need a president who will fight for strong public schools in every ZIP code across the country. I want to be that president. I want to fight for you…educators…students and for families,” she said on her campaign website. California, 2010­

We need to be thinking about the future of America, and improving education is a huge part of creating a more aware society. Do citizens just expect everything to magically get better? How are students supposed to have well paying jobs if they don’t have a decent education? Clinton would help future generations achieve such a goal.

She has also pledged to fix economic problems. Clinton said she would increase workers’ benefits, expand work overtime, encourage businesses to share profits with employees, and raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. The country certainly has economic issues, perhaps not as horrible as the recent recession, but we still need a president who is working to make changes.

Having a women as a president would be a milestone for gender equality in America. The fact that women make less money than men is absurd. Women deserve to be treated equally. On average, women only make 77 cents to every man’s dollar. Unlike a man who can’t understand fully the struggle that women face, Hillary would fight harder for women’s rights. She relates to feminine reality.

“Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights,” Clinton said at the UN World Conference on Women.

Clinton doesn’t demoralize women of America, whereas Trump is practically a expert. Ethnic diversity in leadership roles has greatly improved over the years, and now it’s gender equality’s turn. We are trying to move forward, not backwards, and with Clinton in office, we would certainly move forward.

Another reason Clinton is a top contender for position as president is that she supports gun control. Gun violence has been an enormous issue now and in the past. Clinton wouldn’t take away the right of law abiding citizens to own guns, but instead limit selling guns to those who are mentally unstable.

During a trip to New Hampshire, Clinton said “…we need to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, people with serious mental challenges, terrorists, all of whom now are perfectly free to go and find a gun somewhere,”

The nation would prosper under the leadership of Hillary Clinton. We should not only vote for her because she’s a woman; we should vote for her extensive experience and skills. Donald Trump may say he’ll “make America great again,” but with Clinton it’s not just a slogan. Hillary Clinton will make America great again.

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