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Binging Brawl: which streaming service is best ?

Ever since the pandemic started people have to stay indoors and stay with no job. people should see which platform is the best and cost the least. there are so many streaming platforms, This will show people the one i think is pretty good and is the most cost efficient. the price, the percentage of popularity, and the shows and movies that they have available and the movies they choose to keep and take off.

Going to the movie theatres is a good activity to do with your friends and family. Until recently many people saw going to the movies as a nice activity to do with friends or family. But as the pandemic is dying down, many people see the movie theatre as inconvenient.

Recently, statista , a reputable company, did a survey and found that only 14 percent of people prefer going to the movies while 36 percent prefer seeing them in a streaming service. The average price for a movie ticket  in California (for one movie) is around 10.61 .In the search of comparing and researching, I found that insider , a trustworthy source, compared the three Netflix ,Hulu ,and Disney plus and found that Netflix and Hulu have the most high definition shows, But they both also have the most boring or obscure shows. Even though Disney plus just launched last year, is already competing with most major streaming services.

The number of users in each of these might show us a clue into why People pick certain streaming services, as seen above, movie theatres have a slight edge in use since almost 71 percent of the entire U.S. decides to watch films in person. Some of these streaming services may have lots of users, but that does not mean they are immune to criticism. There is something to be said about the number and types of movies Netflix decides to trash and keep on their platform. There has been many people that say Netflix is pretty bad at listening to what the people want. I can name many shows or movies that both Netflix and Hulu decided to take off despite many people showing support of the movies and shows.

Speaking of the shows and movies these streaming services decide to take off,. Netflix offers over 4,000 movies and a little over 1500 shows. With exploding popularity in Netflix’s hit show ¨Squid Games¨ in number one and ¨On My Block¨ in second place many people are starting to wonder in Netflix is the right choice in picking a streaming Service. Hulu offers over  1,600 shows and 2,500 films with their most popular content being some older films such as ¨hunger games¨ in 1st place and ¨Hunger games: catching fire¨ in 2nd place .Even though Disney Plus debuted last year, It is already in competition with over 500 films and 600 shows with rising popularity in Disney’s new cartoon show ¨what if¨ in 1st place  with ¨Soul¨ in 2nd place.

The movie theatre offers only what is up and coming wit some re-runs in between. The current movies that are at the top of the box office are ¨Venom: let there be Carnage¨ in 1st place with 90 million grossed and ¨Shang-chi and the legend of the 10 rings¨ with 6.1 million grossed. The thing that sets Netflix and movie theatre apart from the others is that Netflix makes new and original content .The movie theatre has the personal touch of seeing the movie in person with the added touch of only showing new movies as soon as they release.

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