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May 8, 2024
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“F” Grades DOUBLE: 1st Quarter Progress Report


F grades have doubled since last year’s first quarter progress reports at PRHS.

[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]tudents at PRHS are struggling to keep their grades consistent with last year’s report cards.  As learning takes a new shape in 2020, students evidently are challenged with learning school online. 

Following the release of the first progress reports in the first quarter, on Sept. 23, admin at PRHS reported F letter grades are up 11% since last school years’ first quarter progress reports. Last school year after the first progress reports, 11.4% of students’ grades were Fs.

This year 22.8% of students’ grades are Fs. That means students’ F grades have doubled compared to last year’s 1st quarter progress reports. And all letter grades have dropped 6-14% besides F’s.

Letter grades comparison from the 2019-2020 school year first progress reports, and this year’s first quarter progress reports. A, B, and C letter grades have lowered compared to last year, and D and F grades have risen. Infographic by Rayvin Wulfing.


Vice Principal Micheal Godsey

“I don’t like to see any student fail at any class, so I was pretty bummed to see so many Fs,” new Vice Principal Michael Godsey explained.

“I think it’s pretty obvious why grades are lower this year — distance learning is hard! It’s now harder to connect, harder to pay attention, and harder to stay motivated,” Godsey said.


Senior Hannah Chambers

ASB Secretary  Hannah Chambers, who is heavily involved in Leadership and extracurriculars at PRHS remarked, The most difficult challenge of  distance learning for me is having the in-person interaction with both students and teachers. I learn better by being hands on.”

Additionally, 428 students are failing Tutorial. This is a 20% fail rate compared to 5% last year. “I think this is probably disappointing for all of us,” Godsey said. “The general goal of Tutorial was to reduce the number of F’s in their general classes, not add.”

The larger count of failing grades come from failing tutorial classes, which is the highest rate of failing tutorials in the history of PRHS.

AP Environmental Teacher, Kaitlyn Lamb

Godsey believes the main cause for the overwhelming number of students failing tutorial is due to the decrease in students’ attendance in tutorial. But tutorial is the “easiest, chillest class in the history of California,” Godsey said.

I think one of the main reasons students are not showing up to Tutorial is because the expectations are different from class to class,” AP Environmental Science Teacher Kaitlyn Lamb explained. “The expectations and the designated class times are different for each student depending on what teacher they have.”

Geometry Teacher Clark Kerr agreed. “I think that there are a couple of reasons that students aren’t showing up for tutorial. First, it’s not built into the regular schedule, so students forget to attend…Second, students don’t see the value in attending a virtual tutorial.” 

Students are finding it hard to come to Tutorial, and really any class when there is a lack of social interaction. And not just looking at each other through a Google-meet, but actual in-person social interactions. 

Along with not having in-person interactions, there are aidditional contributors to students’ lack of drive for school. “Some other struggles are staring at a screen all day. I have noticed myself having more headaches and my vision getting worse and me having to wear glasses more often,” Chambers explained. 

In addition to the effects of starting a screen, there are also issues with students “hiding” behind their screen to avoid confrontation. “It is a lot easier for students to ‘hide’ when there is no face to face instruction,” Kerr explained. “There is also a frustration threshold that students reach when their devices are not functioning or their internet is inadequate.”

Administration acknowledged their frustrations and are doing what they can to help remedy the situation given to them.We’re reaching out to students and parents all day, asking what we can do to help, plus we’re promoting some social-emotional relief and support during Tutorial,” Godsey assured.

Teachers have been encouraged to extend emotional support to their students who attend tutorial and equip them with tools to use in order to deal with stress, and maintain good mental health. 

In my Tutorial we focus a lot on self-care. I guide them through sessions of mindful meditation, I encourage them to make goal trackers, and I post information about mental health resources that are available for teenagers,” Lamb said. “It has always been important for students to feel safe and welcome in their learning environment, especially now that many of us feel so disconnected from one another.”

While the majority of students and teachers are feeling the weight of distance learning, there has been some encouraging perseverance at PRHS.

“We should be facing these facts honestly, but that doesn’t mean we have to dwell on it and feel beaten. Many students are taking advantage of the challenge, embracing adversity, and really getting ahead,” Godsey said.



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