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    Brooke Bigelow


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    Senior Brooke Bigelow dazzles those around her with her compassion and love

    Brooke Bigelow living out her dream of traveling to Uganda, surrounded by laser beam eyes, wide smiles, and small hands in the heat of Africa. She teaches the bright eyed kids of love, Jesus, and educational topics. She, herself, learns what she wants to do after her high school career: travel to Swaziland, Thailand, and Nicaragua for nine months on a mission trip.

    Bigelow, who describes herself as a very passionate person, spreads compassion and love into all aspects of her life. She is most connected to the drama program but also is JOOI club Vice President, taking AP courses, and in Crimson Crew. Her day revolves around the PRHS theatre program with three of her five classes being drama. Bigelow has directed shows, been the lead role in plays, choreographed dances, run the Drama club, and organized events.

    “I have been given a number of leadership roles [in the theatre department] that are scary and overwhelming but have really helped me grow as a person. I do not think I would be prepared to go out and live and be in charge of myself if Goodnow did not give me the opportunities she did. I’ve gotten to TA for a class and direct that class. I’ve gotten to choreograph. I’ve been the president. I’ve set up events and then also just been in charge of setting an atmosphere. I think that’s something you don’t always learn how to do but I think that I’ve worked to just bring a climate of kindness in the department which is really awesome,” Bigelow said.

    Her greatest personal achievement has been the connections she has made with people in her life.

    “My friends mean the world to me. I really think one of my biggest achievements is the people I’m really close with. My friends are some of the best people in the world and I think that’s a really big achievement: being surrounded and being loved by people who are really good people,” Bigelow explained.

    Bigelow carries a certain aurora around her that makes all her peers look at her in awe.

    “She is such a happy and positive person in my life and she makes me strive to be a better person. She truly is the nicest and most caring person I have ever met in my life. Brooke is just kind and loving and she has an open heart and she cares about everyone around her and she tries to make sure everyone is happy and loved and cared for and she is just an amazing person all around,” Josie Scruggs, one of Bigelow’s close friends and costar, said.

    Bigelow’s lifestyle of compassion and love has been passed on to her by her parents. She grew up in a family that was involved in the church and her faith has taught her to love people. Her dad passed away from cancer during Bigelow’s freshman year, but his ideals have stayed with her.

    “I really looked up to my dad. He saw the world differently than most people and in a way that is so unique and really beautiful. My whole family is religious and Christian and he was raised in a stricter baptist community, but he took Jesus and love out of that and I think that’s so beautiful. Instead of following these rules he went out and loved people and that’s something that I have tried to imitate in my life. Instead of saying I need to follow these rules and I need to do this exactly right, I am going to spontaneously love people the best I can and I am going to work to make sure people are valued and important and getting what they deserve,” Bigelow said.

    She is continuing this philosophy of love by joining an organization called the World Race after she graduates. She is going to serve others abroad in Swaziland, Thailand, and Nicaragua by spreading knowledge, love, friendship, and God. She will be teaching women and children of issues and how to handle them. After her nine months abroad, Bigelow is going to study intercultural studies at Biola University. 

    I think one of the most important things in a person is compassion. I feel like that’s something we don’t always have: empathy and being able to feel for people who don’t have as much as us. Serving others is an incredible experience and being able to connect with people you wouldn’t normally never get an opportunity to is just so beautiful and I thinks that’s why I am so passionate about it,” Bigelow said.

    Bigelow has made an impact on those around her, but they can all attest that serving abroad is what Bigelow is meant to be doing.  

    “Something that Brooke has that makes her so special is this awareness of the world and this willingness to give to the world. Instead of this place where kids are mentally like I’m on my own track, she’s going to go off and give her love, time, and energy to people she doesn’t know. I think that takes a special kind of person. People sort of put teenagers into this certain category and she doesn’t fit into any category. She is her own person and I love seeing that,” Bigelow’s mentor and drama teacher Marcy Goodnow said.  

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    Senior Brooke Bigelow deslumbra a los que la rodean con su compasión y amor

    Brooke Bigelow comenzó su educación en la escuela primaria de Georgia Brown. Ella ahora es una estudiante de último año en PRHS y ha logrado muchas cosas impresoras.

    Bigelow se ha presentado en diez espectáculos para el Departamento de Teatro de PRHS. Después de la secundaria, ella se va en un viaje de misiones a Swazilandia, Tailandia, y Nicaragua.

    Ella también está involucrada en el Club de JOOI Club y el Club de Carmesí.


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