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June 3, 2024

    A Concert on The Move

    4 Bearcats called Los Del Robles have begun to play at the school inspired by their families

    With a mariachi of guitars, a group of musicians wander through the school and perform to their heart’s content. With members of the group being EnriqueJimenez(11), Ruben Salgado(11), Ursulo Echevarria Salvador, and Luis VasquezLeon. Usually consisting of a guitar, a bass, a singer, and sometimes a saxophone, the band ofmerry men often play Spanish songs.

    These songs specifically come from the album Corridos Tumbados, made by Nataneal Cano, released on October 31st of 2019.

    Beginning in 2023,the group has gradually grown in size and begun to make even more people play across theschool, and are even spotted outside of it to play music to the people. The band originally began with Salvador, and everyone joined shortly after.

    Leon had joined because he was inspired by his fellow musician, and learned bass in order to helpperform and simply because it was fun, and he enjoyed the deep sound. He originally startedplaying drums in his younger years, and became infatuated with music the more time hespent with his father.

    “My dad played drums for a few years before he quit, and he used to hold these performances. My uncle used to play bass too, so I just got into it from that. I’ve kinda stopped playing drums though, and I’ve gotten way more into bass,” Leon said.

    Leon discovered his love for music from the performances his father would have, and plans on continuing this love for the rest of his life by playing it on the side as a job.

    Jimenez originally started playing guitar one year ago after being inspired by grandfather, his fellow musicians, and the final motivation from his girlfriend. With an entire instagram account dedicated to his playing, Jimenez is seen with a takamine G series, a 12 string guitar and is the requinto of the group.

    He plans on going big with the group and expanding his musical career for the rest of his life.

    “I’ve been playing with my friends ever since I touched a guitar, it just felt right and fun. I’ve always loved music since my grandpa. Now I just want to make it big with everyone else and keep going,” Jiminez said.

    With Salgado being unable to be contacted, Salvador takes the final stage. As the armonia for the group, which is essentially the harmonizer for the requinto. Salvador has been the armonia for the band, which he referred to as Los Del Robles, for 10 months.

    Originally beginning to play guitar because it kept him happy, Salvador was motivated to start playing at the school from a band called Limencia Central and the armonia Miguel that released their first song in 2022 titled Lo Que Me Gusta De Ti when he was in 9th grade.

    “As an armonia player music has definitely impact on the way I listen and study music, because now I can hear the notes and everything about it just makes so much more sense,”

    Salvador said. But primarily, Salgado plays his music to put a smile on the faces he passes by. To provide tunes for people in the school to dance to and hear to brighten their days.

    And with a hope to eventually have Los Del Robles make their own original song and make it big, the four players continue to march across the school and eventually march across the country with the echoes of their songs.

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    Elijah Mayo, Director in Photographer & Enviromental Editor

    Elijah Mayo is a senior and the Environmental Editor, and Director in Photography and is in his first year of Journalism. He finds passion in writing, music, and art.

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