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June 3, 2024


Diving into the reason why studio Ghibli films are so memorable

Watching a Studio Ghibli film teleports you to a world of wonders and comfort. Studio Ghibli has the ability to create its own fantasy worlds but still manages to incorporate the many intricacies of the real world in their films. According to linearity, of the 25 highest-grossing films of all time in Japan, five are Studio Ghibli productions. And the studio also has an Oscar under its belt for Best Animated Feature, and a prestigious Golden Bear award. Their eye catching visuals, and soothing, mystical soundtracks are some of the many elements that make these films so mesmerizing. Studio Ghibli is also known for the strong themes found in its films and for the relatability in their characters. 

The creators behind Studio Ghibli (Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata, and Toshio Suzuki) have a myriad of awards under their belts. Studio Ghibli has a total of 22 films with over 11 of them having won at least one award. Studio Ghibli has recently come out with a film,“The Boy and the Heron” which came out December 8, 2023 ten years after their last film.


Ponyo or Ponyo on the Cliff is filled with nostalgia. This film is commonly the first studio ghibli film people watch when they are younger. The animation captures the world underwater so well. It demonstrates the unreachable beauty of the ocean while still highlighting what makes the real world so desirable and beautiful. The movie is described as a childs movie due to the innocence brought by the two main characters. However, the plot and mature message of the story contradict the thought of it being just a “childs movie”. 

“Ponyo is super nostalgic. I remember when I was six and my grandma put on Ponyo for the first time. We would watch it all the time after that,”

— Brayden Llamas said.




Spirited Away is arguably the best movie made from Studio Ghibli. Besides Studio Ghibli, it is considered one of the highest grossing films in Japan. The characters and creatures presented in this film are a fan favorite. Especially the main character Chihiro, which a lot of kids see themselves in. The way Studio Ghibli brings the spirit world to the audience is so unique. The way the storyline is written and the different stories of the different characters merge so well to be all a part of the same movie. The animation style, the characters, the plot, and soundtrack for this film were all well executed and for the film perfectly.

At the time I was around Chihiros age when I watched it and just imagining a world with spirits and mystical creatures is amazing to me,

— Lucile Velarde said


Howl’s Moving Castle

This movie can be described as very different from other studio ghibli films. The movie has a mix of interesting characters both human and not human. Each character has their own charm and they become fan favorites as the plot progresses. The unpredictableness and chaos of the movie fit so well with the soundtrack of the movie as well. It is very action packed but still shows the love and nurture within relationships the characters have with each other. Like all of these movies, watching Howl’s Moving Castle feels like you are going on a journey with the characters.There is so much going on in the movie: the life of Howl (one of the main characters), the magic in their world, the moving castle and who lives in it, and the journey Sophie takes on. But even with all the chaos and all the different plots in the movie Miyazaki makes it make sense.

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