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Like nobody’s watching

Senior Allie Giroux is a dancing sensation

Senior Allie Giroux is going on her seventh year of dancing competitively and has inspired many girls along the way, such as freshman Kaela Nancolas and senior Alexis Gutierrez. Most of her free time outside of school is spent at dance practice. She has many supporters, the strongest of which are her twin brothers, sophomores Jeffrey and Daniel Giroux. Giroux’s dance teacher and cheer coach at the high school, Jennifer Bedrosian, has watched her grow through dance and blossom into a leader and a determined teen that can take her dreams and have infinite opportunities.

Stage lights flare to life and the spotlight settles on senior Allie Giroux, who couldn’t be more thrilled to stand in the limelight. Adrenaline courses through her veins as she lets the soul of the song speak to her with a voice only she can hear. Every intricate step she takes is one small piece of the story being portrayed through the combination, she dances in her own world, like no one is watching. To her, dance is not only a passion, but a lifestyle.
Giroux is going on her seventh year dancing competitively and her fourth year dancing for the high school. She has won Miss Dance at the KAR dance convention (Kids Artistic Revue) for three years in a row, which proves that her hard work really is paying off. Through countless rehearsals and competitions, she has come to realize that dance is her true passion, and her family and friends fully support her path.
“I’m very well supported by my family! They always stand behind my decisions and I’m very grateful for that…and my brothers and I are actually very close! I do feel bad sometimes though because they always come watch me dance and because of my crazy schedule I sometimes miss a lot of their games and things they do!” Giroux said.
Two of her largest supporters happen to be her younger twin brothers, sophomores Jeffry and Daniel Giroux, who have similar feelings towards their sister. Although her schedule makes it tough to always be there to watch them in their sports–such as football, baseball, and track– their bond couldn’t be stronger.
“…Dance is her passion, and dance makes her happy, and when she’s happy it makes everybody in the house happy… I’m very proud to call her my sister and she always makes me want to do better as a person,” Jeffry Giroux said.
Although she can’t make it to every football game, baseball game or track of theirs, the Giroux boys don’t mind as long as she’s doing what she loves; as long as she doesn’t miss every game that is.
“…She’s accomplished so much in these past years it’s crazy and unbelievable… It doesn’t really bother me that she misses games because she’s out there doing her own thing, which she loves to do…,” Daniel Giroux said.
The life of a dancer, like any other sport, requires hours of practice and hard work. Giroux belongs to two other dance studios in addition to Jazz ‘N’ Company, Artistry in Motion located in Paso Robles, and Street Heat located in San Luis Obispo. Her dance practices range from 19 to 22 hours per week–making each practice after school around five and a half hours–not including performing at Friday football games and weekends when she occasionally travels to dance competitions.

[blockquote author=”Kaela Nancolas, 9″ pull=”normal”]

… Allie inspires me by pushing me to achieve my goals…I feel inspiration form inside of me from watching her dance…”


For Giroux, managing this stressful dance schedule is extremely exhausting but well worth it and will pay off in the future.
“I’m definitely sleep deprived and stressed out all the time!…Throughout these last couple of years I’ve dedicated a lot of my time to make sure I’m prepared for a successful dance career outside of high school,” Giroux said.
Some people wonder why anyone would spend so much time and energy in a pastime activity like dance, but for her it’s normal to spend 22 or more hours dancing every week. Giroux is also planning on auditioning for Season 12 of So You Think You Can Dance in Los Angeles in mid-March of 2015 and would like to obtain an agent and start booking jobs. Her dance teacher and cheerleading coach of three years, Jennifer Bedrosian, couldn’t be more confident in the talents of her young pupil and sees the full potential in Giroux’s career.
“…I see her working with lots of great choreographers, moving to New York and dancing with the Joffrey Ballet. I could see her in LA doing music videos or going on tour with a big artist. After this year, I also see her as a great teacher and choreographer… And of course, I see her winning So You Think You Can Dance,” said Bedrosian.
For her career, Giroux has many options, and Bedrosian believes that she has the potential to become a teacher and choreographer, a goal she would like to achieve in her future.
“… That’s one of my goals! I really love teaching people… it’s just something that comes really naturally to me and I enjoy helping people get better,” Giroux said.
A broad spectrum of other dancers–such as freshman Kaela Nancolas, and senior Alexis Gutierrez–look up to her and see her as a role model,which surprises Giroux.
“..It’s so humbling!… it’s crazy to think that I’ve made an impact on people like that and I’m so happy I can do that!” Giroux said.
Nancolas has been dancing with Giroux for five years and Gutierrez has been dancing with her for three, and both have watched her excel in dance and feel inspired by her everytime she performs.
“What goes through my mind when I see Allie dance is ineffable. Her passion for dance is absolutely beautiful and shows when she is performing… Allie inspires me by pushing me to achieve my goals…I feel inspiration from watching her dance,” Nancolas said.
“…I’ve been watching Allie dance since 7th grade and I’ve just been mesmerized. She just pushes me to go my hardest and just become a better person and a better dancer…just watching her inspires me and makes me want to work harder,” Gutierrez said.
Allie Giroux knows what she wants out of life and has created a path to guide her there, along the way influencing a variety of people and helping them along their own path. Once again Bedrosian believes that she can take her future wherever she wants it to go but she will always be a leader.
“Whether she likes it or not, she has a lot of people looking up to her. Being talented puts you in the public eye,” said Bedrosian “Now it’s her time (as they say in dance) to SHINE.”

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