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Schools incorporating a physical education class has weighted pros and cons 


. Obesity is a huge problem in the United states. In 2006 , 63% of people were overweight in the United states. Now in 2016 there was an increase up to 68% overweight according to an article called The World’s Most Overweight Countries by Cheyenne Buckingham and Michel B Sauter.

Obesity is certainly an issue we see every day in our society. It causes our medical resources to be stretched so thin because of all the diseases that obesity ultimately causes. PE is never intended to make students elite athletes. It should provide students the opportunity to become more comfortable in their own space and how they move within that space. Hopefully by the time they leave school, they are comfortable enough and knowledgeable enough to join activities that will enhance their physical health.“ Said weight trainer/ physical education teacher, Tori Loney.

PE teacher Tori Loney strongly believes physical education is worth students time.

 Embodying physical education is not meant to take up your time with miscellaneous tasks. The schools in California see the increase in overweight students and they want to encourage people to stay active. Physical education is a great way to stay healthy and fit.

Schools incorporating a physical education class has weighted pros and cons. On the con side PE might take up space for an extracurricular class. Instead of taking a class that will help students reach their academic goals, they are forced to take physical education classes where teachers make students do impractical activities such as “kickball”. Some students just stand around or sit and talk, not actually getting the exercise and education needed.

“I think as you get to a higher grade level you have better things to worry about . How is PE going to help in college?” said senior Yarilis Martinez.

Yarilis Martinez is a senior at PRHS in physical education.

On the pro side students who do try and are actively involved get the exercise needed to stay in shape.

“In PE not everything is going to be fun. If you are not really into improving your fitness people don’t see it as a positive. But that is probably the number one challenge from kindergarten all the way through high school, is to get those who don’t want to, to actually enjoy it.” Said Loney.

Teachers can only support and help students to achieve their academic goals up to a certain point. Teachers cannot make students want something so it is up to the students to work for it. Just like physical education, your PE teacher can’t force you to participate but if you want to stay healthy and fit you have to simply try.

Another pro aspect is by taking physical education students get time to move around, stretch, and get their blood flowing after classes and before school. From a science teacher’s perspective Kennedy Gilbert states,

Science teacher Kennedy Gilbert makes a comment on her own view of the issue

“I think it’s good to get up and move, especially for the students who don’t do sports  I think a lot of kids are like I have to dress out and run laps and I think it’s important to educate and inspire and talk about aging and how to stay fit and how to make healthy choices .“ 

“There is nowhere that I have seen it come more to life not just in group work say in like an art class or math class but when you physically have to work together with somebody that maybe you don’t always get along with or that you know very well. In PE we get that a lot and it really forces us into those personal relationships in problem solving.” Said Loney.

Students may think physical education is a waste of time and doesn’t help you in the future. Students must stop and realize that the activities in their physical education class are basic life skills and they are being prepared to interact with others while staying healthy and fit.


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